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Drōv is a pioneer in the smart truck and trailer movement. We deliver future-facing, durable, emissions compliant systems that enhance client profitability and safety.
Drōv makes important new interventions to old problems. Our first releases—the Drōv SI and ID+ tire pressure management systems—create value for clients via measurable improvements in fleet asset utilization, realization of fuel efficiency gains, achievement of tire wear extension goals and compliance towards greenhouse gas emission reduction standards. Drov addresses age old tire inflation problems tied to an IoT platform.

Our Products

Drōv SI


Drōv ID+


AirBoxOne System for Trailer & Truck


Maintaining Drōv Premium tire pressure shouldn’t be this easy


Drōv Premium Tire Pressure Management System
Conventional Automatic Tire Inflation Systems

“Fleet costs experienced due to under-inflation of tires is the next largest cost after equipment and labor expenses” US-DOT Research project

"...Tire inflation and tire pressure monitoring systems can help reduce fuel consumption and improve tread life while lowering tire maintenance costs” US-DOT Research project

Our goal is to make your drivers happier and put them at ease by using our system, which will minimize roadside and downtime.

Let us help you! Hire one of our professional technicians to install your Drov tire pressure management system.